Our Approach

Sometimes using a new designer can be daunting - not knowing how many hours a job will take or being concerned that you won't like their design. Avenue 61 takes pride in ensuring customers are 100% satisfied with the finished artwork and can work within your budget. We will take time to understand your business, your target market and what you want to achieve from your marketing initiatives.

Whether you need a quote for a one off project, an hourly rate for ongoing design, or have a fixed budget per month,
we have a range of pricing solutions to accommodate your requirements.

Quote per project

Have a one off project such as a logo, business card design or something out of the box? Not a problem, we are happy to provide an estimate.

hourly rate

Best suited to organisations who have regular design requirements which vary throughout the year, at a rate of $115.00 per hour or part thereof.

outsource solutions

We can be part of your team, helping you with your ongoing marketing activities including newsletters, blogs, website updates and more.

Outsource Solutions

Growing and promoting your business requires regular marketing activity, but employing a full-time graphic designer is a big commitment, and large agency fees can seem overwhelming.

Our outsource solutions are an affordable and more efficient alternative. It gives you access to experienced marketing support for your design needs, while allowing your internal staff to get back to focusing on what they do best.

Our outsource solutions can be tailored to suit your budget and the marketing needs of your business. It’s designed to make things as simple as possible for you, and provides an opportunity to evenly spread costs over a fixed time frame for a more economical solution for your business.

Why outsource?



save time

We are talented experts in what we do which means we can turn work around quickly and free up your valuable time to focus on what you do best.


high quality

Avenue 61 prides itself on delivering a high standard of work and can help to refine your ideas to get the right message across to your target audience.


manage budget

Know how much you're spending each month. We can cap your spend and give you the assurance there will be no unexpected costs.

How it works

Just think of us as an extension of your team, with the advantage of leveraging our experience and industry contacts.

Because no two companies are the same, your plan will be designed specifically for you around your marketing objectives:

  • After an initial meeting, we’ll determine your requirements, and provide a detailed quotation and monthly plan for your selected timeframe. This could be based around planned marketing activity, or simply an agreed number of hours.
  • We’ll prioritise your projects and establish an effective plan for achieving your marketing goals.
  • We’ll become your one point of call for any additional marketing services you need, such as printing, photography or signwriting.

Type of work includes

  • Newsletters and communications for print or web
  • Updating websites and blogs
  • Brochures, flyers, datasheets
  • Magazines
  • Business stationery
  • User guides and instruction manuals
  • Forms for both online and print
  • Proposals, presentations
  • Packaging, stickers
  • Pull up banners, posters, signage
  • Reporting
  • Invitations and gift cards

But we're not limited to this list. Have something else in mind? Please contact us.

To find out more, please contact us for a no obligation consultation